At what point in thyroidectomy is the use of the device of interest? And which one?

After medialization of the first and second lobes, to detect the parathyroid glands by autofluorescence,

On the lobe ex vivo, after resection, to check by autofluorescence the presence of inadvertently resecated parathyroid glands,

After injection of indocyanin green during the dissection of the second lobe to visualize the vessels that vascularize the parathyroids,

At the end of surgery with injection of inindocyanin green to check the vascularization of the parathyroid glands left in situ.

Does the use of the device extend the duration of the surgery?

Yes, the use of the device extends the duration of the intervention by about 2 to 5 minutes.

Are false positives observed? If so, which ones?

Yes, some tissues or organs can also emit an autofluorescence signal, such as the thyroid, thyroid nodules (colloid), brown fat and lymph nodes.

Are pathological parathyroid glands autofluorescent?

Yes, pathological parathyroid glands also emit an autofluorescence signal. In general, this signal is often heterogeneous and weaker than that observed for normal parathyroid glands.

What is the dose of indocyanin green to inject?

The recommended dose of indocyanin green is 0.1mg/kg.


Does the device estimate the intensity of the fluorescent signal?

The software has an acquisition mode that makes it possible to carry out measurements of relative quantification of the observed fluorescent signal.

What is the dose of indocyanin green to inject?

The recommended dose of indocyanin green is 0.1mg/kg.

How long do I have to wait for the ICG to spread in my patient?

30sec to 1 min after intravenous injection of indocyanin green, the rise of the fluorescent signal is observed. After 3 minutes, it is estimated that the ICG spread homogeneously over the observed area.


What is the FLUOBEAM® LX?

FLUOBEAM® LX is an imaging device exclusively dedicated to thyroid and parathyroid surgery. It makes it possible to detect parathyroid glands in autofluorescence with optimized image fluidity, great depth of field and use compatible with the ambient lighting of the operating room.


What is the FLUOBEAM® LM?

FLUOBEAM® LM is an integrated fluorescence imaging solution that provides the surgeon, during the procedure, with information invisible to the naked eye such as tissue perfusion. It thus makes it possible to make appropriate decisions, in order to reduce the rate of complications. Its ease of use and image analysis capabilities make it a major asset for surgeons.

Web Masterclass

What is a Web Masterclass?

These one-hour online sessions with experienced surgeons who give the opportunity to discuss the contributions of fluorescence imaging dedicated to surgery.

Is registration for a Web Masterclass paid?

Registration for a Web Masterclass is free.

Can we access the replays of the sessions?

Yes, it is possible to access Web Masterclass replays. Either by registering for the sessions or by submitting the contact form.


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